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5 Ways You Can Create and Grow a Network For Yourself 🚀💼

5 Ways You Can Create and Grow a Network For Yourself 🚀💼

Do you find networking difficult? Are you sure you're really doing it right? Come find out!

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·Sep 29, 2022·

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People love to work with people they know, like, and trust. Companies and Organizations don’t make decisions, people do. Your network can open doors for you and provide you with opportunities you never thought were possible. In this article, I highlight a few ways you can create and grow a network for yourself and possibly create great relationships that would be mutually beneficial in the long run.

Let's gooo.

1. Be intentional about providing value

One of the best networking hacks and tricks is being a person of value. When people realize that what you say or do helps them out and makes them better, they resonate with you and you also get better. By helping people in your network get better, they may be in a great position to be able to help you in the future.

Share your expertise and ideas. Share information. Promote people's work and accomplishments. Be a connector. Do these and you're well on your way to having a strong and profitable network.

2. Build a reputation for yourself

In the world of networking, people prefer to build business relationships with people they see as being valuable. By building a reputation as someone who is talented, helpful, and valuable, people will be more motivated to meet you, know you, and align with you. And you’ll end up building a master network. Let people know what you’re accomplishing and learning through blog posts, social media, and conversations.

3. Be visible

"If no one knows what you’re doing, it’s like it never happened". Maintain regular and consistent communication with people you want to stay in touch with. Connect via email, blogging, social media platforms, and of course, in-person. Be so much in their faces with value-adding content, that they never want to forget you.

4. Stop focusing on what you want

Building a network is mostly based on mutual benefits. "I help and you help me back", and since you're the one who wants to connect then you're the one who must start this win-win relationship by adding value to the other person's life.

“Concentrating on other people's needs can be extremely beneficial; you can assume that almost everyone else's focus is ‘‘What’s in it for me’’ and not vice-versa. Therefore, adopting a "What's in it for them’’ mentality will actually allow you to stand out in a crowd.” ~ Maribeth Kuzmesky

In other words, focusing on the needs of others will help you bring them value quicker and in turn help you build a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

5. Think long-term

"Connections open doors, but relationships close deals". Building a network is not just about exchanging business cards and connecting on LinkedIn. Your network is most valuable when long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships are formed. Relationships take time to build. Be patient. Stay in touch with people you like and watch your newly formed connection blossom into a strong and profitable relationship.


Do you find networking difficult? Are you sure you're really doing it right? I hope while reading through this article, you've learned a few things to help you build your network.

Having a great network can be very profitable and beneficial in the long run, so you need to invest in building awesome relationships with different people to make sure you have a solid network.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Engage, like, and share with your network.

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